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This plasmoid provides an interface for mounting/unmounting and opening/locking a cryptsetup mapping. For most of these tasks it needs root privileges. Although this part is managed quite securely and nicely you need root access for the installation. This is needed because configuration files and a helper application have to be put in folders restricted to root access. Once in place these provide the plasmoid with specific actions, which are defined and executed in the helper (running with root permissions) and granted by configuration files from the polkit-1, DBus and KAuth framework.

KWallet integration: yes.
Polkit-1 (newer version): required!
KDE: at least 4.4.x

Thanks to the authors of Kopete, from which i have adapted the KWallet support. I also want to thank the author of the serverstatuswidget, because his work helped as inspiration.

md5sum: 5786e7e8afc809c0241da4bbfc905b62


10 years ago

How does this mount the specific device? Like does it use UUID or what?



10 years ago

Yes, I was wondering about that, too. In the settings screenshot you use the /dev/sda1 entry, but that would be a quite bad solution for usb disks.

Further on, it would be great, if that could be integrated into the plasma device manager. I still miss that feature there.

Great work so far :)




10 years ago

Well of course you can specify any device you want ... so of course as well
which would then solve the problem of the unified identifier. However i thought that detecting luks devices was supported by the device notifier (have used it since 4.4.x more than once successfully). Auto detection is however not yet integrated ... perhaps something for the future.


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