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Perspectives - Icons for the Dock

Icon Sub-Sets by rvc-2011
Set of Dock Icons in Perspective look. Created for my use and felt i will share it with all of you
Nov 05 2012

Buttons in Blue - Dock Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by rvc-2011
33 icons we use for normal day to day computing in PNG and ICO. A Blank is also included, just in case you need to create something for your special app. I create for my personal use and share it with you guys ! Hope you like these set. Thanks for viewing / download.
Mar 18 2013

Monochrome Buttons : Dock Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by rvc-2011
Created in Gimp... the RAR file contains 2 folders, ICO and PNG in 128 x 128 size. A Blank and an XCF is included. Feel free to download, modify and re-distribute... Please do not forget to give due credits. Thank You for your preivew / Download.
Feb 25 2013

just zuhmd.

Icon Sub-Sets by obasio
Just zuhmd.:) Full release date: arround 10-14.08.2011 includes: +the cairo-dock theme
Jul 29 2011