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Suru Resize Remix

Full Icon Themes by hendra
* Bismillah * Theme Based on Suru and Papirus icons theme * With Dark and Light Theme * Icons resized to be smaller then the original * Tested on LXQt, Gnome, Cinnamon, XFCE and Budgie Installation : - Download the tar file and extract it - Copy paste in /usr/share/icons Hope you...
icon-theme linux suru ubuntu unix yaru
Sep 27 2019

Blue folders for GNOME Fallback

Full Icon Themes by nacho-themes
Well, just an icon theme I made. It's not completed yet. It's on alpha version so [b]TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.[/b] How to install: Extract the downloaded file, then extract Install.tar.gz. Copy it's contents in /usr/share/icons/Humanity/. To uninstall use uninstall.tar.gz instead of install.tar.gz.
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 17 2014

GNOME audacious fix for dark themes

Full Icon Themes by l0ginof
I am use dark gtk theme and default GNOME icons, but buttons in Audacious player looks weird, so I took icons that use Rhythmbox. Icon theme should be in /home/$USER/.icons/ To change theme use GNOME Tweak Tool or similar software. Cheers.
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 13 2014

Android Holo Notification Icons

Full Icon Themes by Ambiance-69
Only support 22 pixels This is a modified elementary-xfce icon theme to look like Android. Only themes notification icons and doesn't theme any others.
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 05 2014

gnant/gant -n

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93
I did try port the old gnant theme to newest linux mint. This process took me 3 hours. Missing icons are possible. I ' ll add some few in future. It was not so easy to find all the icons somewhere hidden in the net. gant theme for xfce was a big help b.t.w. . But this theme is another...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 26 2014

firefox icon

Full Icon Themes by diewal
is an alternative icon for firefox , in black and white and other in black and orange installation = the most simple is right click in the icon and change it. rename the icon to firefox.svg if you are using a pack of icons svg then put it in nameicons/scalable/apps . if you don't , then...
icon-theme linux unix
May 18 2014

faenza CMYK

Full Icon Themes by XadhimX
Icon theme project with aQuave folder style, modified based on Faenza Icon.
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 15 2014

Orange stripes menu icon

Full Icon Themes by Cyr4x
Orange stripes menu icon (22x22 px size). Suits best for Cinnamon IDE.
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 03 2014

ZPars İcon Theme

Full Icon Themes by OguzhanDUYAR
ZPars Icon Dark, flat and a good icon theme. ZPars GTK İcon Theme is designed, developed & maintained by: Oguzhan DUYAR [email protected] Theme based on Flat Remix Icon Theme by: Daniel Ruiz de Alegría [email protected] Theme licensed licensed under the GNU General P...
icon-theme icons linux pardus unix
Sep 03 2018

Inkscape white icons

Full Icon Themes by dadoprom
I combined few white icon uncomplete inkscape themes which I found on the internet. This is the outcome. I tested it only under OSX. For the toolbar I used New Improved Inkscape Tool Icons from here: Under...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 18 2013