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Gustomized GNOME Clolors

Full Icon Themes by GUSCRAWFORD
Just a test run alpha, of an icon theme for linux I wanna see. As you can catch at first glance there is some elemental stuff there- the color now is Gnome Human - they aim to take advantage of relatively available hardware and add some style to your desktop. They are totally scalable svg...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 27 2010

Movies Icons

Full Icon Themes by ProSK8JARED
Many dvd-movies icons, some Bd-movies and others like dvd-rom icons ideal for: avi, mkv, mp4, mov, TS-folders, ISO, mts, dv, movie files for Mac OSX and Linux
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 28 2010

Oranchelo icon theme REMIX

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
Oranchelo is a flat-design icon theme based on Super Flat Remix( and inspired by "Corny icons" by Patryk Goworowski REMIXED VERSION -------------------------------------------What's new...
icon-theme linux oranchelo retro shadow unix
Nov 25 2017

Latt Sjo

Full Icon Themes by Eldarion
About Lätt Sjö (Blue) for KDE4 =============================== Lätt Sjö (Blue) for KDE4 is a port of the Mac OS X icon folders “Lätt Sjö” made by Rick Patrick. The original icons are in: Notes: * The icons were ported from the original .icns. The orig...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 14 2009

Kicons 2

Full Icon Themes by SimplyTheFrankie
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 12 2009

area.o43 SVG Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by redde
this is an icon set meant to be used with dark themes. It's based on servechilled's area.o42 icons (I found them awesome). NOTE: This version is explicitly meant to leave out application icons, they are too much! I hate when a menu list alternates custom icons with original ones and this...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 01 2009


Full Icon Themes by systemx
Gant icon set for Xfce 4.4 Original work by: Paul "mattahan" Davey
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 04 2007


Full Icon Themes by hammergom
This is a complete system set for KDE. I have assembled this set from icons by Everaldo, Louie Mantia and me. I used Louie Mantia's mimetype and folder icons as a template. Also included in this set are the most beautiful Open Office icons on the planet created by Mike Moschini aka gryphen who...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 18 2007


Full Icon Themes by iconcubiccom
Once there was a country which lead by a council called Soviet ruled our planet with United States over 50 years before it collapsed.Let us recollect some pieces of this red-empire. CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-ROM,DVD-RW,DVD-Vedio,DVD+R,DVD+RW,External,Firewire HD,Internal,Removeable,USB...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 30 2006