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DDakji(Sticker) Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by bugbear5
This theme is gnome port of "Sticker" theme. This icon set is highly based on artist David Lanham's icon set "Sticker" and xfce icon set "aufkleber". Sticker icon is used under the David Lanham's permission. David Lanham - "auflkleber" Sixsixfive -...
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Jun 30 2010

Tatul Icon Theme for Pardus

Full Icon Themes by orali
Tatul Icon theme for Pardus. Tatul simge seti ağırlıklı olarak Pardus için bizzat tarafımdan yapılmıştır. Güle güle kullanın :)
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Feb 24 2009


Full Icon Themes by schollidesign
Hello World This Set was born firstly for my own gust. For his nice looking I decided to share my work for all humans in the world for comparing it with everybody. So I had to bring it to a better, smoother fusion of both Themes (Human [Ubuntu-Gnome] & Hydroxygen [Oxygen]) and in many details...
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Feb 12 2009


Full Icon Themes by linuxfever
(FOR A KDE4 VERSION GO HERE: This icon theme is a compilation of a few icon themes and a few sparse icons found on and It is by no means complete but hopefully (in time) it will be. The theme is...
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Jan 13 2009

iOS - FileSystem Icons

Full Icon Themes by falco101
This is the first release candidate for the iOS file system icons. Please feel free to comment so I may get a better idea of what is good/bad in an icon theme. The device icons should be ready in a couple of weeks. iOS: interactive Open SUSE This theme is meant to be a full replacement for...
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Mar 20 2008

openSuSE Tango

Full Icon Themes by gericom
This is an modified Tango-like icon theme made for KDE. It is called openSuSE Tango, because i made it on openSuSE box and it has SuSE throbber for Konqueror @ 22x22 ( It doesn't aiming to be full KDE icon theme but it's...
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Nov 02 2007

Buuf for KDE (KDE 3)

Full Icon Themes by Shirakawasuna
Note: this is a KDE 3 icon set. For the more up-to-date Buuf Deuce icon set for KDE 4, go here: Here's my Buuf iconset for KDE! Please contact me with any requests or suggestions! I tried to be as thorough as possible, but I may not...
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Oct 22 2007

Crystal Clear

Full Icon Themes by everaldo
Dear KDE Folks, I have the pleasure to announce the new phase of Crystal Icon Theme that from now on will be called Crystal Clear. There are a lot of changes! Hundreds of new icons, support to the most known KDE games, and a lot of new things. The design style also was improved and updated...
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Jun 15 2007


Full Icon Themes by hammergom
This is a complete system set for KDE. I have assembled this set from icons by Everaldo, Louie Mantia and an unknown artist here on Deviantart who created the Dossier icon that I used for a template to create all of the filesystems icons. I used Louie Mantia's mimetype icons as a template. Also...
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Apr 18 2007

Kore Icons

Full Icon Themes by code2
[size=3][b]There is hope and its called: KORE[/b][/size] Part of the Kore Suite, all work in progress and still in preview state. Enjoy a breath of fresh air! Kore Icons feature a glossy but not overpowered look, vectorish sleek style. They scale like a charm which is a very important...
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Mar 22 2007