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Windows Vista Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by calamity-hunter
This is my modified version of the Windows Vista Iconpack by 97leviatan: The original version contains many non-vista icons from another icon theme. I removed all of them - the size of the file is now only 50 MB instead of 150 MB! I removed the close...
gnome gtk3 icon-theme icons linux unix vista windows
Mar 30 2021

NordArc Icons

Full Icon Themes by setsuna-f-seiei
Modified version of Papyrus icon set - changed the Folder to match the NordArc GTK theme
arc icon-theme linux nord papyrus unix
Sep 30 2020


Full Icon Themes by felipefacundes
FF-DarkWoodGold é um Tema que lembra uma Madeira bem escura, tem tons dourados e vermelhos. É legível, é Dark e muito atrativo aos olhos. (FF - Felipe Facundes). FF-DarkWoodGold is a Theme that resembles a very dark wood, has golden and red tones. It is readable, dark and very attractive to th...
gtk-theme icon-theme linux unix
Apr 09 2019

Humanity Classic Pack

Full Icon Themes by cybercop
Edited "Humanity" icon theme with many bug fixes and added missing icons. I attached to the main theme a "ubuntu-mono" theme for dark panels.
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 30 2017

Keepin icons

Full Icon Themes by adhe
Keepin icons Icon theme based on Deepin - classic icons with color variants Dependencies: * Papirus icons [color=#17B529][u][b]Coffee[/b][/u][/color] If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I...
deepin icon-theme kde linux plasma unix
May 23 2020

MacOs Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by istiaq
MacOs Icon Theme An icon pack for Gnome How to install: Download: $ git clone ~/.icons/La-Sierra Go to Your Gnome Tweak Tool & set it !! Credit :
gtk3 icon-theme linux macos unix
Nov 07 2019


Full Icon Themes by zb652
These are Numix icons that have been recoloured using Oomox to match my Orchidaceae Plasma colour-scheme. They inherit the Deepin and Breeze icons,but you can edit that to the icons of your choice. I'm afraid the screenshots are rather limited as I don't have a menu or anything to show them in...
icon-theme icons linux numix unix
Jun 24 2019

Faenza Blue

Full Icon Themes by x-varlesh-x
Faenza Blue - this combined icons Faenza, Mint-X and Faience (symbolic icons only) with little color and other fixes, add some icons by varlesh (Alexey Varfolomeev) Please see screenshots compare. CHANGELOG: 0.2.1 === * Fix tray icons indicator-messages & indicator-messages-new * Unity...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 18 2016

Breeze Classic

Full Icon Themes by flipwise
The new Breeze icons theme comes with folder icons in a different color than before. This theme seeks to restore the pre-Plasma 5.5 folder icons and other minor icons. Additionaly, if you wish to change the icons in the Application launcher, use...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 19 2016

Ubuntu Flat Remix

Full Icon Themes by Feichtmeier
Update 0.4 adding more icons, fixing some others :) ___________________________________ Update 0.3 slowly adding missing icons, starting with focus writer mypaint and some other changes ___________________________________ Update 0.2: *panel icons are now mixed more with...
icon-theme linux unix
May 31 2016