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Full Icon Themes by TheRob
previously fuglyfolder. Is a kde icon theme that changes the folder. Feel free to do whatev. A lot of folders still missing, it will inherit the seans leo-like icon theme. Sean names every version of the leo like theme different so its impossible to inherit it when its...
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May 10 2010

Frugal KDE Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by centuri0
Frugal is a full kde4 icon theme. Comes from frugalware, but fits all kde desktops. I hope you'll appreciate the work. Archive is .tar.bz2 (39.9MiB) and ready to be installed throught your control center. Enjoy Centuri0 PS: I'll no longer provide kde3.x tarball. If you badly want...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 11 2010

ALLGREY UniQ Edition

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101
ALLGREY modified to work with KDE 4 Credits go to Mandarancid and aMADme, I've only made a couple of the icons myself :)
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 11 2009

Ciment for KDE4

Full Icon Themes by Eldarion
Ciment for KDE4 is a port of the Mac OS X icon folders “Ciment” made by Laurent Baumann (see below). It includes icons from “Albook” by the same author. The original icons are in:
icon-theme linux unix
May 09 2009


Full Icon Themes by freefreeno
My version of icons to match the Qogir-dark theme. CLICK ON THE SCREENSHOT AND IT WILL NOT BE BLURRY. I also made a Kogir-dark GTK theme to match the Qogir-dark KDE Plasma theme. I know there is a Qogir-dark GTK theme but it was made in Gnome for Gnome and I promise that themes made in...
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Jun 18 2019

OlliFri Icon Set Blue Folder

Full Icon Themes by OlliFri
Icon set for KDE Gnome Xfce Lxqt and many other Distris. The icon set can used for all desktops. Works under Qt4, Qt5 Gtk2, Gtk3. It is a mix of Steampunk, Oxygen and its own icons. Unzip the downloaded file and place the two folders with root rights in the folder /usr/share/icons/ Under...
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Jan 13 2018