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Full Icon Themes by l4k1
Icons for Dark Plasma Themes Dark Plasma Theme Transparent and Blur, [COLOR="#008b8b"] [B]Goldy-Dark-Plasma[/B] [/COLOR]: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] Dark Global Theme Transparent and Blur For Plasma 6, [COLOR="#008b8b"] [B]Goldy-Dark-Global-6...
linux unix icon-theme
Jul 13 2024

cyberpunk technotronic icon theme

Full Icon Themes by dreifacherspass
a blue-purple (oomox) gradient full-icon theme for all of us that love cyberpunk, neon, outrun, synthwave and retrofuture aesthetics. [color=#ff0000]IMPORTANT if you are updating![/color] Many unnecessary files are deleted from the theme. If you extract the newer version over an older one, then...
cyberpunk synthwave outrun oomox neon linux unix icon-theme
Jul 15 2024


Full Icon Themes by kuroe-hanako
Fluent Design icon theme for Linux Desktop Features * Windows 1x(10, 10X, 11) icons Complications * Windows 10 Folder Style with Fluent Design
win10 icon-theme linux unix
Jul 13 2024

Reversal icon theme

Full Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258
[b]Reversal Icon Theme[/b] A colorful Design Rectangle icon theme for linux desktops ------------------------------ You can use this theme on all popular desktops You can now select the Download folder color ------------------------------ Github:...
linux unix icon-theme
Jul 12 2024

Infinity Glass Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by naruto-uzumaki
Glassmorphism is a style which, as the name implies, uses properties of glass to enhance your designs. It gives a translucent or transparent look and feel to its elements. Glassmorphic elements and shapes work really well on vibrant, colorful backgrounds which accentuate the glass effect. the...
icon icon-pack icontheme linux unix icon-theme
Jul 13 2024

FairyWren Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by aiyahm
Fairywren is a free and open source SVG icon theme for Linux, based on the [URL=""]Papirus Icon Set[/URL] The goal of this project is to provide a modernized take on icons a little inspired by the move to more gradient styles in other packs, while keeping the...
gradient papirus unix linux icon-theme
Jul 10 2024

Big Material UI [DEV]

Full Icon Themes by eng-cris
Conjunto de ícones inspirado no tema clássico(fluent), utilizado anteriormente pelo projeto BigLinux, seguindo os padrões do BigLinux Material Icons. Ainda, busca atualizar o design dos ícones de ações e dispositivos, adaptando-os ao conceito de Material Design permitindo maior consistência visu...
icons plasma kde material material-design linux unix icon-theme
Jul 12 2024


Full Icon Themes by waarisbal
Rounded square icon theme mainly aimed at, and tested on inux distributions with a Gnome desktop like Fedora Workstation. It is also reported to work well on KDE and it is briefly tested on XFCE and Mate. The goal of this theme is to create a rounded square theme that is faithfull to the...
gnome linux unix icon-theme
Jul 10 2024

Tela circle icon theme

Full Icon Themes by vinceliuice
[b] Tela circle Icon Theme [/b] Circle version icon theme of Tela: [url][/url] You can use this theme on all popular desktops ------------------------------ [b] Supported desktops [/b] [b]1.[/b] Gnome [b]2.[/b] Kde Plasma [b]3.[/b] Budgie [b]4.[/b]...
linux unix icon-theme
Jul 09 2024


Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Copy all folders to .icons or /usr/share/icons or .local/share/icons and select themes by name. All variants require the main Acid theme. Don't delete it. Acid-fast is designed for old and weak computers. Use dark Desktop themes for the best look. The basis of this theme is Papirus and...
icon linux acid unix icon-theme
Jul 10 2024