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KDE color scheme Telegram

Plasma Color Schemes by dedmopozzz
KDE color scheme Telegram
telegram color scheme linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Apr 23 2023

Lx Deep Sea

Plasma Color Schemes by lx21
Dark color scheme that has high contrasts and at the same time it is eyefriendly and suitable for red-green colorblindness. Made by -lx21-, therefore the name starts with "lx" and therefore it has nothing to do with the LXDE. Feel free to change, share or what ever you want... Have Fun!
color colorblind colorscheme dark kde linux plasma scheme theme unix
Feb 16 2022

kPurple Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by ksckaan1
Color scheme for purple-lovers
color colorscheme kde linux plasma scheme theme unix
Jan 22 2022

Breeze Dark Debian Red

Plasma Color Schemes by markmental666
This is a modification of the default Breeze Dark theme included with KDE Plasma. It changes
color colorscheme debian kde linux plasma red scheme theme unix
Aug 30 2021

Neuron ColorScheme for Konsole

Plasma Color Schemes by angelmx
Neuron its a Color Scheme for Konsole KDE. Enjoy it and modify to your liking. https
color colorscheme kde konsole linux plasma scheme theme unix
Sep 27 2020

WINE dark color scheme

Various Plasma Theming by helg
Dark theme for Wine. Installation instructions: - in the "wine" app run "regedit" window, - import the downloaded file with the .reg extension, then restart the wine app.
color kde linux lutris plasma scheme theme unix wine winehq
Jun 09 2020