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Future-dark Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes by yeyushengfan258
Future-dark kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop. In this repository you'll find
linux unix theme kde plasma
Jun 08 2021

MPD Now Playing

Plasma 5 Multimedia by marcel83
MPD Now Playing is a simple client plasmoid for the Music Player Daemon. How to install: Make sure you have libmpdclient installed (including development files). Extract the archive, change to the extracted folder and type mkdir build && cd build cmake...
linux unix extension plasma-5 widget multimedia kde plasma
May 01 2021

Moe Color Schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by jomada
Moe color-schemes for Moe Plasma Theme
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Mar 20 2021

Transparent folder view

Plasma 5 Applets by thevladsoft
Folder view fork that can have a transparent background independently of the desktop theme, and can hide icons with a double-click in an empty area. You can use it both as a plasmoid, or as an alternative for the desktop (right click on the desktop, "configure desktop...", etc.). This was fun...
linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Mar 13 2021

Showerthoughts plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets by thevladsoft
Shows a randomly chosen post (or post's thumbnail) from one or several reddit's subreddits. You can make it load a new post by left clicking and open it by middle click. It was inspired in ......
reddit internet images linux unix extension plasma-5 widget kde plasma
Mar 07 2021

Reactionary Storm VGA

Plasma Color Schemes by feren-os-team
A port of the Storm (VGA) Classic variant to Reactionary. Based on the Windows Classic port for Reactionary at
2000 98 retro windows storm linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Feb 23 2021

Windows Classic

Plasma Color Schemes by stanton731
Windows 98/2000 Classic color scheme based on Reactionary (Standard colors). Copy Windows_Classic.colors to ~/.local/share/color-schemes/
retro windows 98 2000 linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Feb 22 2021


Plasma Themes by eliverlara
/Kvantum/master/Kvantum/INSTALL]here[/url]. [b]Suggested setings:[/b] [url=
linux unix theme kde plasma
Oct 01 2020

Fragmented Sunset 4K

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by antechdesigns
Original Content Download Only available from Opendesktop. Please Consider Rating & Leaving a Comment, Thanks.
plasma kde kdeplasma linux wallpaper artwork
Aug 19 2020

Eye Pleasing

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque
With this color schemes I tried to maximize readability of text and desktop widgets. For this reason, the title bars have a distinctive color that doesn't blend with the window color and the focused window have always a colored titlebar. Same with the buttons, that have a different color than...
breeze pastels linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Jun 24 2020