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Autumn Breeze

Plasma Themes by morgenkaff
A autumn flavoured theme. It's based on Breeze (, with few elements
breeze autumn linux unix theme kde plasma
Nov 25 2021

Brise dark

Plasma Themes by rkstrdee
Default KDE breeze theme with more transparency and blurred widgets.
kde plasma breeze linux unix theme
Oct 26 2021

Default Plasma fully opaque

Plasma Themes by deltamar
This is the default Plasma theme fully opaque following the color scheme. If you disable blur efect, there is no transparency at all. Only the menu icon is different of Breeze theme. Tested in Debian 11.
breeze debian default unix theme kde opaque plasma linux
Aug 16 2021

openSUSE Breeze Dark Plasma Style

Plasma Themes by cubiclenate
Starting with the general pallet and design language of the Breeze Dark theme, I wanted to make this an easy click to switch what is an already fantastic base and make it more openSUSE in look. The only real changes to this, from the standard Breeze Dark theme is the menu icon is the Geeko...
dark breeze unix theme linux kde plasma plasma5 opensuse
Feb 23 2021

Soft Blue and Red

Plasma Themes by Masque
Plasma Theme Color Scheme: Konsole Color Scheme: https
red papirus plasma linux kde blue breeze unix theme
Jun 19 2020

Breeze Dark Truly Flat

Plasma Themes by Fishkilleur
Breeze Dark variant, without shadows and any border on panels.
unix theme plasma linux kde flat dark breeze
May 30 2019