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Nostrum White

Plasma Themes by phob1an
Like Nostrum, only brighter. This follow-up to an ealier theme might remind you a little of another OS. Oh well, just another entry in my Future Retro series. Colorscheme:
futuretro retro windows linux unix theme kde plasma
Feb 22 2023

LaserBeam Plasma theme

Plasma Themes by bunnymnemonic
Classic / retro non-flat vector-art Plasma theme that is easy on the eyes. it imitates the desktops of the early '00s. Goes well with LaserBeam Aurorae theme and LaserBeam Color scheme theme. The theme is presented with the default widget style (Breeze). LaserBeam Aurorae theme:...
2000s kde linux non-flat plasma retro theme unix vectorart
Nov 19 2021

QTStep RC3

Plasma Themes by abgr
in honor of the ongoing congress... plasma theme is the one on the left in the screenshot
kde linux plasma qtstep rc3 retro theme unix
Dec 27 2020

Klorax. Retrofuturism Opaque

Plasma Themes by klorax
. [b]♦ Download Instructions ♦[/b] It is recommended to download the [color=#dd33ff]KDE Plasma Look and Feel
cyberpunk futurism kde linux outrun plasma retro synthwave theme unix
Oct 09 2019


Plasma Themes by abgr
a script to create different variants of this theme based on a KDE color scheme (same as with the aurorae
gnustep kde linux nextstep openstep plasma retro theme unix windowmaker
Nov 04 2018