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Milles natural color scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by Govarion
Ever happened to you that dark plasma schemes made you feeling sad on the one hand, while light schemes became way of enerving over time? At some point I decided to create me own scheme based on "natural colors", mainly green and light brown. Been using it for years and thought about sharing it...
colorscheme green brown plasma5 light linux unix theme kde plasma
Jun 15 2021

hello. colorscheme

Plasma Color Schemes by n4n0
A dark and light colorscheme to perfectly match the hello. suite of things.
colorscheme theme unix linux kde5 kde plasma5 plasma
Nov 15 2019

Simply Grey Plasma Color Schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
:// The color scheme in the screenshots is the Simply Grey Dark color scheme
colorscheme linux plasma5 plasma kde kdeplasma theme unix
May 23 2019

UIFlat Color schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
are the Newaita icons and they are the exact colors of the theme. They can be found here:
linux plasma plasma5 kde kdeplasma unix theme colorscheme
May 21 2019

Fluent Plasma Color-Scheme Set

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
These are the color schemes for my Fluent Plasma themes that I will be posting very soon. These themes have different varying amount of darkness so everybody should find one to there liking. There is 5 color schemes here and there will be 5 plasma themes to go with each color scheme plus an...
colorscheme plasma plasma5 linux kde kdeplasma unix theme
May 17 2019