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cornered dark breeze

Plasma Themes by pieter
I started with the Breeze-Dark plasma theme. This is derived from the Breeze plasma theme but the theme color isn't adaptive (dark/light). But I made some changes: - this plasma theme has straight corners - made the panel a little more transparent and changed the color a little - color of the...
linux unix theme kde plasma
Jul 29 2022


Plasma Themes by pieter
I changed the Edna plasma theme... made by jomada - color of the accents within the theme will now follow the system accent color - made the panel a little more transparent and changed the color a little - removed almost all content so it will be replaced by the...
rounded linux unix theme kde plasma
Jul 28 2022

KDE Blueish Me Wallpaper 001 [4K]

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Markospoko
4K This wallpaper is inspired by KDE and lets you signify that you use KDE =) Don't be shy, give
background kde desktop plasma wallpaper artwork
Jul 12 2022

High Contrast openSUSE Black

Plasma Color Schemes by dakuojas
True black theme with openSUSE green accents for AMOLED displays Wallpaper :
amoled black colorscheme green kde linux opensuse plasma theme unix
Mar 23 2022


Plasma Color Schemes by zorgonpeterson
A warm colorscheme for KDE Plasma.
camp colorscheme fire kde linux plasma theme unix warm
Feb 09 2022

RocketStart - Application menu button for Breeze Dark Theme

Plasma Themes by CSRedRat
global Breeze Dark Theme Plasma style for KDE neon and Kubuntu Rocketspace! Wallpapers download link
icon-theme icons kde linux plasma rocket space theme unix
Dec 25 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by herrbatka
A grey and red color scheme.
colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Sep 14 2021

Remedy Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by silenceofthelambdas
A dark, 80s inspired colour scheme for the Plasma 5 desktop. Based on the Remedy Dark colour scheme for Visual Studio Code. [B] Other work [/ B] Remedy Dark Plasma Theme :- [url=][/url] [B]Attribution[/ B] Based on the work...
80s colorscheme dark kde linux plasma theme unique unix
Mar 29 2021

Plasma Drydock

Plasma 5 Applets by anoneemouse
Plasma Drydock 1.2.1 Downgrade QtQuick.Controls to fix compatibility with older Qt versions. v1.2 - Added the ability to configure to choose name or image name container. A simple widget to start and stop docker containers in Plasma 5. Pull requests welcome! Dependencies -...
docker system linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
May 23 2020

Day/Night tinted wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by dark-eye
Day/Night tinted image wallpaper. The tint of the image will change based on the time of day depending on how much of the tint effect is conifgured.
daytime extension kde linux nighttime plasma tint unix wallpaper wallpaper-plugin
Mar 07 2020