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Breeze-with-square-highlight Icons

Full Icon Themes by paulmcauley
the KDE Breeze Icons theme, except has modified titlebar buttons to match the Oxygen/Breeze button icon
Apr 09 2021


Plasma Window Decorations by paulmcauley
Kite is an Aurorae theme which is a branch of the KDE1-inspired Classik theme, except
breeze classic classik theme unix oxygen kde kde1 plasma linux
Mar 01 2021

openSUSE Breeze Dark Plasma Style

Plasma Themes by cubiclenate
Starting with the general pallet and design language of the Breeze Dark theme, I wanted to make this an easy click to switch what is an already fantastic base and make it more openSUSE in look. The only real changes to this, from the standard Breeze Dark theme is the menu icon is the Geeko...
dark breeze unix theme linux kde plasma plasma5 opensuse
Feb 23 2021