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Feren OS December 2019 - July 2021 Splash Screen

Plasma Splashscreens by feren-os-team
THE Splash Screen Feren OS has always used up until July 2021. It has been this splash screen ever since it got its own splash screen during early Feren OS Next development. Forked from Breeze's Splash. It has been replaced with a new splash screen made to look more consistent with the intended...
old os linux plasma-5 replaced plasma splashscreen kde feren dev theme unix
Sep 11 2021

Original Doors - Feren OS

Global Themes by feren-os-team
For use only in Feren OS. You can get Feren OS at The original Doors that was going to debut in Feren OS July 2021 Snapshot, before Windows 11 then happened causing its revamp that was seen instead. Wallpaper:
windows unix theme os kde scrapped plasma linux look-and-feel feren doors
Aug 13 2021

Scrapped Feren OS 2020 Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by feren-os-team
A scrapped iteration of the 2020 Feren OS theme's dark mode colour scheme. Likely got scrapped because of it being too dark vs the already very dark dark theme that was used before the Feren OS theme introduced in 2020 took over as the light and dark themes.
scrapped plasma kde linux os feren ferenos colorscheme theme unix
Sep 02 2020