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Run Command Widget for Plasma 5

Plasma 5 Applets by himdek
A simple widget to run any command on one click. [url=""]Click
exec execute run command bash linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Mar 22 2024

Process Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring by bstrong5280 1. Go to the desktop. 3. Right Click the desktop, select "Add Widgets". 4. Click "Get New Widgets
monitor plasmoid system widget linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 monitoring
Aug 23 2023

Systemd Control

Plasma 5 Applets by Naraku
This is a simple plasma applet for KDE Plasma 5 to control systemd services. It is not designed
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Jan 14 2018

MPD Now Playing

Plasma 5 Multimedia by marcel83
MPD Now Playing is a simple client plasmoid for the Music Player Daemon. How to install: Make sure you have libmpdclient installed (including development files). Extract the archive, change to the extracted folder and type mkdir build && cd build cmake...
extension kde linux multimedia plasma plasma-5 unix widget
May 01 2021

Ultimate Gmail Feed

Plasma 5 Applets by intika
extension feed gmail kde linux mail plasma plasma-5 rss ultimate unix widget
Jul 23 2018

On/Off Switch

Plasma 5 Applets by neicker
A simple On/Off switch that executes a script when the switch is toggled. It is based on the ToggleButton Widget part of Qt Quick Extra. Thus, depending on your distribution you have to ensure that the correspondign package is installed. Look out for libqt5-qtquickcontrols (openSUSE),...
extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Aug 08 2018