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Materia Light KDE

Konsole Color Schemes by x-varlesh-x
Materia pack for Plasma 5 desktop. Please use Kvantum Engine and Theme for better looking: Install full Materia pack from my collection.
light kde materia material addon
Apr 10 2021

Aritim-Light [Flat Blur]

Plasma Themes by mrcuve0
[h2]Aritim-Light Theme[/h2] [color=#D21010][b]Click on the "Homepage" link for additional infos[/b][/color] [color=#2E4669][b]INSTALL "Lightly" Window Decorations to match the above screenshots![/b][/color] Go to [url=]the official Lightly...
unix theme aritim kde plasma plasmatheme light linux
May 28 2021

Spectrum Light

Global Themes by doncsugar
border sizes. There are a lot of other effects in Desktop Effects to try if you are new to KDE Plasma
breeze genome unix theme light spectrum kde plasma linux look-and-feel
Mar 14 2021