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Nostrum White

Plasma Themes by phob1an
Like Nostrum, only brighter. This follow-up to an ealier theme might remind you a little of another OS. Oh well, just another entry in my Future Retro series. Colorscheme:
futuretro kde linux plasma retro theme unix windows
Feb 22 2023

WVista desktop theme for Plasma 5

Plasma Themes by matias-saibene
This is the WVista theme for KDE Plasma that will turn your desktop into the infamous Windows Vista
aero kde linux plasma theme unix windows wvista
Sep 03 2022

Willow Spectrum

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
Use Plasma 24 for best results. I recommend having "Background Contrast" on in "Desktop Effects." Change your Color Scheme and spectrum will change with it. Best panel height is 52px. Also, please leave a comment on [url=]Willow Desktop[/url]? It's very helpful...
color kde linux plasma spectrum theme unix windows
Apr 07 2022

Tweaked Expose Air

Plasma Themes by drgordbord
This is a modification and merging of phob1an's Expose Air and Boomerangs Windows 7 theme The source for each: Boomerang Windows 7 phob1an's Expose Air
aero glass kde linux plasma seven theme unix windows windows7
Mar 02 2022

Seven Manjaro

Plasma Themes by mirkogennari
Theme for manjaro with glass effects and transparencies.
kde linux manjaro plasma seven theme unix windows
Feb 26 2021