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Breeze Glass

Plasma Themes by MirceaKitsune
Simple patch for the Breeze Plasma theme for extra transparency and other minor tweaks. It modifies the panels to use 50% transparency for extra blur, the clock follows more system colors and removes the 12 text while also receiving a transparent background, the task manager removes boxes around...
kde plasma theme transparent glass linux unix
Jun 25 2023


Plasma Themes by joselp
el escritorio Plasma Kde. Para instalarlo: - Extraer el archivo - Mover/copiar la carpeta resultante
glass breeze kde-plasma kdeplasmaa transparent linux unix theme kde plasma
Jun 15 2023

Curved Volatile Style

Plasma Themes by linlinxza
a copy of KDE Neon's icon and put a glassy effect to it. ;) Icons I am using are from here if interested
aero clear glass glossy kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 15 2021

Tweaked Expose Air

Plasma Themes by drgordbord
This is a modification and merging of phob1an's Expose Air and Boomerangs Windows 7 theme The source for each: Boomerang Windows 7 phob1an's Expose Air
aero glass kde linux plasma seven theme unix windows windows7
Mar 02 2022

Curved Volatile Style Rounded

Plasma Themes by linlinxza
Here's a mod of the Curved Volatile Style theme I have been using. I have been happy with this mod for quite a while. So here's the rounded version instead of with sharp corners for the panels. Enjoy! ;)
aero clear glass glossy kde linux plasma theme unix
Nov 18 2021

Seven Glass Plasma

Plasma Themes by drgordbord
A plasma designed to fit in with an aero aesthetic and large start button This plasma is a modified version of the following plasma's. Volatile OxygenDymAero7
aero glass kde linux plasma seven theme unix windows windows7
Nov 01 2021


Plasma Themes by sira313
/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/arc-kde Remixed by Sira Argia -
blur dark glass kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 07 2019

Oxygen3-- Glassy spin

Plasma Themes by zinjanthr0pus
I actually haven't added much to this theme at all, but I'm uploading it because I kind of want to make a look and feel package that uses this. It is derived from this theme: which is basically the Oxygen plasma theme but with nice colorful tray icons that...
glass glassy kde linux oxygen plasma theme unix
Dec 01 2018