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The Matrix

Plasma Color Schemes by plingsaarinen
Who are you? Am I alone? You are not alone.| ... The Matrix has you. To disable/enable blur: System Settings - Workspace Behaviour - Desktop Effects - Blur (Under Appearance-header). In Plasma 5.24 install Lightly from . In Plasma 5.25 in order to have blurred...
blur colorscheme glass kde lightly linux matrix plasma theme unix
Jan 09 2023


Plasma 4 Extensions by Gerardo
This is the MATRIX widget (Plasmoid). It helps you to rescue the world ... every day! ---- [i] Thanks to Aaron Siego for his daily blog entries - they encouraged me to program this shining piece of software! B-) [/i] ---- Please note that it's probably necessary to restart Plasma if...
extension kde linux matrix plasma plasma-4 plasmoid unix widget
Feb 27 2011