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Bali10050's Grey Global Theme

Global Themes by bali10050
Beta, now updated
minimalist grey dark linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
Jul 06 2023

Minimalist Clock

Plasma 5 Clocks by prayagjain
A minimalist looking clock for KDE!
clock date extension kde linux minimalist plasma plasma-5 simple time unix widget
May 21 2022

Clear Clock

Plasma 5 Clocks by qewer
Clear Clock is a simple but configurable KDE plasmoid/widget for displaying date and time. Made
clock clocks cool extension kde linux minimal minimalist plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Feb 06 2022

Pixel Grey

Plasma Window Decorations by specterinahusk
A minimalist, one pixel wide grey border, for anyone looking for a discrete border that doesn't take much space. Don't forget to set the size to tiny!
border dark kde linux minimal minimalist pixel plasma theme unix
May 28 2022

Papirus Remix

Full Icon Themes by sira313
This remix icons is based on papirus (still work in process) tested on KDE Neon If you want
Nov 02 2019

Epsilon Icons

Full Icon Themes by assmarqandi
it's just a simple icon theme for a modern desktop. flat-style icon theme with a simple gradient effect, make it's look more fun but still great for light theme. I hope you guys like it. leave a comment for any icon request. follow my instagram @eps_yl_on for my another...
flat icon-theme kde linux minimalist plasma unix
Sep 09 2019