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KDENLIVE - Youtube 1080p 24fps Q17 Export Profile

Kdenlive Export Profiles by alienbrain-india
Kdenlive Render Profile for Youtube 1080p (FHD) as per youtube upload recommendation. Video bit
Jul 19 2023


Plasma 5 Multimedia by zanturik
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Current version 3.2.0 Features: * playing youtube video :) * searching video, channels and playlist * presets editing and sorting (settings -> youtube channels -> click and hold,...
youtube player video linux unix extension plasma-5 widget multimedia kde plasma
Sep 26 2023

MKV H264 FLAC For High Quality Audio YT and other

Kdenlive Export Profiles by joboschetti
This Profile is perfect for musicians, or video publisher with high quality audio need. (perfect for YouTube max audio quality) h264 (with quality option form 0, lossless, to 30) Flac: 44100 24bit Container: mkv
May 30 2021

Circle Visualizer

Panon Shaders by foolonthehill
Visualizer in form of a circle for the panon widget highly customizable for example - smooth motion - dynamic radius - bar width - bar amount - circle rotation - color rotation
audio extension kde linux panon plasma spotify unix visualizer youtube
Jan 12 2022