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Cpu Frequency Selector

Plasma 4 Extensions by 0xDeadC0de
Use the ruby version please! Simple python plasma applet designed to mimic the behavior of the gnome cpu frequency selector applet. It allows the user to select an available cpu frequency via the userspace governor, or another available governor to use. It is not yet integrated with...
linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension widget unix
May 01 2010

Nvidia Brightness

Plasma 4 Extensions by matemaciek
Small plasmoid for controlling brightness of LCD in laptops with smartdimmer tool installed - I guess it exists only on laptops with Nvidia graphic cards. Install: plasmapkg -i Use +/- plasmoid buttons or mouse wheel while over the plasmoid to change...
widget unix linux plasma-4 plasma kde extension
Oct 31 2009

Web Fetch

Plasma 4 Extensions by moofang
A Plasmoid widget written in Python that displays a web page on your desktop. Unlike the web browser applet, Web Fetch keeps an (text-only) offline copy of the web page and displays the copy when Internet connection is not present. The offline copy is synced with the actual web page...
kde plasma plasma-4 linux extension unix widget
Apr 02 2009