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Plasma Color Schemes by guilmour
Colors derived from classic DeviantArt page.
theme unix linux plasma pale-green kde green deviantart colorscheme
Apr 25 2021

Win10Sur-dark Color Theme

Plasma Color Schemes by yeyushengfan258
Win10Sur kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop. In this repository you'll find
colorscheme theme unix kde plasma linux
Mar 04 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
A dark blue theme similar to Breeze Dark. Probably one of the more functional themes in Spectrum. If you run into any strange contrast issues, please comment on them so they can be fixed. This is for use with [url=]Spectrum Iolite[/url]. For variants, check out...
colorscheme dark dark-theme blue spectrum kde plasma linux unix theme
Apr 21 2021

Maw Sit Sit

Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
A fun green modification of Breeze Dark. Features green buttons and headers. If you run into any contrast issues, please comment. For use with [url=]Spectrum Maw Sit Sit[/url]. For variants, check out the [url=]Colors...
kde linux plasma spectrum unix theme colorscheme dark dark-theme breeze green
Apr 21 2021

Remedy Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by silenceofthelambdas
A dark, 80s inspired colour scheme for the Plasma 5 desktop. Based on the Remedy Dark colour scheme for Visual Studio Code. [B] Other work [/ B] Remedy Dark Plasma Theme :- [url=][/url] [B]Attribution[/ B] Based on the work...
plasma linux kde colorscheme dark 80s unique theme unix
Mar 29 2021

openSUSE Breeze Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by cubiclenate
One of the greatest aspects of the Plasma Desktop is the Breeze theme. It has really brought plasma to the next level in visual appeal. This openSUSE Breeze color scheme is, at the core, the Breeze theme. The blue highlights have been swapped out for the green hues used largely consistent with...
unix theme plasma kde linux opensuse colors colorscheme
Mar 04 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by x-varlesh-x
ROUNDED Colors inspired by Breeze style.
light linux rounded plasma kde unix theme breeze dark colorscheme
Mar 19 2021

Genome Light

Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
This comes from Genome Light's colors. It is a slight adjustment to Breeze Light. Genome Spite is also included. This color scheme is used in [url=]Spectrum Light[/url] [b]Troubleshooting:[/b] Have you tried turning it off and on again? Sometimes plasma...
unix theme colorscheme genome plasma spectrum linux light kde
Mar 14 2021

Dark_Grey color for Plasma

Plasma Color Schemes by mnok
This is my dark version of Plasma.
plasma kde linux theme unix colorscheme
Feb 04 2021

Coffee Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by charlie-henson
Built on Breeze Icons used are from l4k1, Infinity Light Thanks
unix theme coffee color colorscheme impress kde linux scheme plasma
Dec 06 2020