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Plasma Themes by painkiller101
The Plasma Theme with a brushed Metal look. This is my newest Plasma Theme which looks like Metal but also has a little translucency inside every widget. I hope you like it! Comments are always welcome.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jun 19 2008

White Glass

Plasma Themes by ireko
You can use it in your theme if you want to create a new one, LGPL licence :)
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jun 09 2008

Uqbar (for theme contest)

Plasma Themes by angrymob
This is my first plasma theme, Uqbar. I made it with the following goals in mind: * Simple but classy elements * Blend well with the main Oxygen theme * Plasmoids should be distinguishable as a separate class from windows, and the theme should not promote confusion about what is resizable, etc.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Apr 09 2008