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Linux XP - bootsplash

Bootsplash Various by warleyalex
Linux XP - bootsplash The bootsplash of Windows XP is beautiful - with all effects and so, now
unix linux splashscreen bootscreen
Sep 29 2007

pochen70 Ubuntu Normal Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by pochen70
Plymouth theme based in Macbuntu Splash Screen 1.0 from raoul223 with logo modification.
bootscreen unix linux splashscreen plymouth
Dec 07 2013

Grup sayayin

GRUB Themes by Morttis
Burg is short for "Brand-new universal charger GRUB." It is an excellent addition to the default bootloader for Ubuntu o kubuntu , GRUB 2. The main reason people switch to BURG is because of the amazing themes offered once installed. It is not really a replacement for...
unix splashscreen linux grub burg bootscreen
May 15 2011