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Graphitegirl Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
Yep another softporn plymouth animation. - How to install? The usual! Umpack te 7z file to /usr/share/plymouth theme. Install and select the theme with appropriate command for your distro and update init boot image. There is 2 files. A big one for 1920x1080 and another whit white strokes...
unix bgrt blender animation bootscreen bootsplash erotic linux splashscreen plymouth
Oct 01 2020


E Animated Backgrounds by triki1
Manladorian animated background. Demo video:
background enlightenment animation linux unix theme
Apr 18 2020

New E-virus

E Animated Backgrounds by triki1
For those who liked E-virus, here is a new version. It is an animated that I made in 3D, then that I extracted in png. I updated my post with video demo links of the wallpapers Demo video:
unix theme linux enlightenment animation background
Apr 01 2020