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Kvantum by niru2169
A Kvantum theme that looks like the Breeze theme with more transparency and blur Literally Breeze for Kvantum
blur kde plasma breeze linux unix theme kvantum
May 25 2021

Breeze Grayish

Plasma Color Schemes by trump
This is a slightly modified version of the Breeze Light theme. Created for personal use. The intention of this work was to keep the environment as close as possible to what Breeze delivers by default, but making adjustments for a better appearance with light tones and without using very...
breeze eyes light linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
May 21 2021

Breeze Twilight Unofficial

Plasma Color Schemes by paesche
Unofficial better looking Breeze Twilight Colors. (Inactive windows fix)
breeze twilight linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Apr 30 2021


Full Icon Themes by vincenzocaselli
Breeze & Elementary OS icon set for KDE Plasma. The image is taken from the OpenDesktop-Dark Global Theme (, which automatically installs also this icon set. KDE Plasma users may go to System Settings, Appearance, Icons, Get New Icons..., search for...
elementary breeze dark linux unix icon-theme
Apr 25 2021

Genome Light and Dark Kvantum

Kvantum by doncsugar
This is a Kvantum theme. It was meant for Genome and Ultra so it is not a perfect replica of Breeze, but with a few modifications, it could definitely become Breeze Kvantum. Includes a script to change the standard blue highlight color. If you do plan on using this theme for a blurry...
breeze blur linux unix theme kvantum
Apr 20 2021

Maw Sit Sit

Plasma Color Schemes by doncsugar
A fun green modification of Breeze Dark. Features green buttons and headers. If you run into any contrast issues, please comment. For use with [url=]Spectrum Maw Sit Sit[/url]. For variants, check out the [url=]Colors...
green breeze dark dark-theme spectrum linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Apr 21 2021

Breeze-with-square-highlight Icons

Full Icon Themes by paulmcauley
Part of ClassikStyles, Breeze-with-square-highlight Icons is an icon theme subset which inherits the KDE Breeze Icons theme, except has modified titlebar buttons to match the Oxygen/Breeze button icon style with Square button highlight style. This is designed to match...
classik breeze linux unix icon-theme
Apr 09 2021

Breeze Dark Green

Plasma Color Schemes by lreynolds
Darker Breeze theme with green highlights instead of blue
breeze green dark linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Apr 10 2021

Breeze Plex

Plasma Color Schemes by feren-os-team
The colour scheme absolutely no one asked for. It sure is a perPLEXing colour scheme. Inspired by Longhorn Plex.
breeze april joke plex longhorn linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Mar 31 2021

Spectrum Dark

Global Themes by doncsugar
Now testing script to change Plasma Theme opacity. Navigate to ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/spectrum-classic-basic/ and pass a value to the script between 0 and 99. For example: [code]$ cd .local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/spectrum-classic-basic/[/code] [code]$ ./changeOpacity...
breeze dark genome spectrum linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
Mar 14 2021