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ermlv conky theme

GTK2 Themes by ermlv
simple conky theme rename file to .conkyrc and place to home folder you also need the Marske font
conky linux unix theme gnome gtk2
Jan 03 2021

Rainbow Conky BiClock

Conky by fenario
Colourful basic conky with binary clock Backup original conky file sudo cp /etc/conky/conky.conf /etc/conky/conky.conf.bak Copy this file from your Downloads folder to global folder sudo cp ~/Downloads/conky.conf /etc/conky/ Making sure to have proper permissions sudo chown root:root...
linux unix extension conky
May 30 2020

TC-100 Conky Theme

Conky by luizfnunes
A High-Tech Conky Theme in four colors: white, blue, green and red. Instalation and Configuration:
conky technology monochrome linux unix extension
Oct 02 2019


Conky by teodorescup
Scalable status bar like conky configuration. One thing that differentiates this config from others, is that it is the only config that I know of, to automatically show new mounted partitions, like those of USB drives. This might not work for all user cases, as it assumes one mount point in...
conky linux unix extension
Feb 17 2019


Conky by fenario
Colourful basic conky with font URW Palladio L Rainbow Conky needed to have distances and spaces adjusted to accomodate a different font width To run Conky: place this file into ~/.config/ run with command: conky -c ~/.config/conky-URW.conf create startup application entry with above...
linux unix extension conky
Jan 17 2019

Conky Arc Light

Conky by iznogud78
This conky theme version, like my previous one, is based on Conky Light theme and is designed for quad-core CPUs. Obviously, like the previous version, it's adapted and revised to my needs with custom colours that are based on two of the Arc GTK Theme palette. Installation...
conky arc linux unix extension
Jan 12 2019

Aureola Netsense Customized

Conky by mah-rakib
Edited and more elegant version of Aureola Netsense. Edited specially for smaller (i.e. 768 px height) displays
conky laptop full systeminfo linux unix extension
Sep 10 2018


Conky by kronbus
This is my conky widget. It's recommended to use with conky-manager -You can change images at pics folder (square images are recommended). -You can change the seconds between images with file "InstaDeskConky" in line "${execpi 7 ./}", at the moment image will change every 7...
linux unix extension conky slideshow photo
Jul 30 2018


Conky by sak96
What? a simple conky todo list Why? to remember what to do :P How to install? install conky copy todo to .conky folder in your home the execute the following command echo "alias todo="$Home/.conky/todo/"" >> .bashrc How to use? to add todo use: todo add "task 1" ...
linux unix extension conky todo
May 22 2018

Simple Time Conky

Conky by luizfnunes
A simple conky show the date, time and uptime of system. Two colors: black and white Install: 1 - Extract the content of the folder .fonts (the folder is hidden) in the user directory 2 - Extract the file .conkyrc (the file is hidden) in directorie black or white for the user directory 3 -...
conky linux unix extension
Aug 05 2017