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Kora Dark

Plasma Themes by tarma
Kora theming for KDE Plasma. Made to work with Kora Aurorae, Kvantum and Kora icons. Installation: /.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ [URL=""]Kora icon theme[/URL] [URL=""]Kora Aurorae...
kora kde-plasma kde tarma desktop linux unix theme plasma
Nov 18 2023


Plasma Splashscreens by ambarwastaken
Awoo-Splash for KDE Plasma. A very simple splash screen, inspired by the "Telephone Awoo" video, involving the character Momiji Inubashiri from Touhou Project.
desktop workspace apperance dancing animated linux unix theme kde plasma splashscreen plasma-5
Aug 24 2023
3. Variant

Plasma Color Schemes by plingsaarinen logo colours. Variant with white text and Variant 2 with black text. Orange with orange background. In Plasma 5.24 install Lightly from In Plasma 5.25 in order to have blurred Titlebar install Lightly from Choose...
blur colorscheme desktop kde lightly linux logo open plasma theme unix
Feb 16 2023

A2N splash screen

Plasma Splashscreens by a2-n
## Description Plasma splash screen. ## Installation Place the source (`a2n.splashscreen` folder) in `~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/` or dl via [the KDE store]( ## Configuration | Name | Description | |--|--|--| | change the logo - option 1 | in...
desktop kde linux plasma plasma-5 splashes splashscreen theme unix
Jan 11 2023

Virtual Desktop Tools

Kwin Scripts by clemb38
Adds keyboard shortcuts to KWin to: - Swap the windows with previous/next virtual desktop ; - Add a desktop before/after current position ; - Remove current desktop. When removing a desktop, its windows will be moved to the next desktop. Shortcuts can be customized.
desktop kde kwin linux scripts unix virtual
Nov 24 2022

Gradient Gauge

Sysmon Applet Designs by teaker
It is a ksysguard extension in order to achieve a gradual visualization of the sensor data. This work is an improvement of the digital gauge with id (1446770)
desktop desktp extension kde linux monitoring plasma sysmon unix
Oct 05 2022

Switch to last desktop used

Kwin Scripts by flex
KWin script to switch to the last used desktop Keybindings: No default shortcut is set, but I recommend Meta+Tab. The keybinding can be found and changed in System Settings -> Shortcuts if you search for "Switch to last used desktop".
desktop last linux previous switch unix used
Apr 21 2022

Selective Virtual Desktops

Kwin Scripts by thohell
This script emulates having Virtual Desktops enabled only on named displays. On all other displays, the windows will be shown on all desktops, effectively emulatating not having any Virtual Desktops for these displays. If all you need is to enable Virtual Desktops ONLY on primary monitor, and...
desktop kwin kwinscript linux monitor unix virtual
Feb 20 2022

KWin Cycle Non-Empty Desktops

Kwin Scripts by shaansubbaiah
[size=5][b]kwin-cycle-non-empty-desktops[/b][/size] KWin Script to switch to the next or previous non empty virtual desktop. [size=3][b]Installation[/b][/size] [b]Method 1: From the KDE Store[/b] [ul] [li]Go to `System Settings` -> `Window Management` -> `KWin Scripts` -> `Get New...
desktop kwin kwinscript linux shortcut switcher unix
Feb 06 2022

Breeze Dark Opaque

Plasma Themes by koievgeniy
Breeze dark full opaque - Desktop theme. Icons - Breeze dark ( mix ) Color theme - Breeze dark ( mix ) Color correction - 1.00 As the brightness is shifted down, the colors become more contrasting. (Recommended for light backgrounds) The panel theme works well with the "Breeze classic"...
desktop kde linux plasma theme unix win10
Jan 27 2021