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Plasma Themes by kuroe-hanako
Materia KDE theme with Arch Linux Logo
archlinux kde linux materia plasma theme unix
May 04 2022

Materia Light KDE

SDDM Login Themes by x-varlesh-x
SDDM Theme Materia Light KDE with real Material Qt style minimal version Qt 5.8 (QtQuick 2.8, QtQuick.Controls 2.1, QtGraphicalEffects 1.0, QtQuick.Controls.Material 2.1) supported feauteres: - activity indicator CAPSLOCK - users drop-down list - activity Failed Password - indicators Clock &...
light linux materia material sddm unix
Jun 24 2021


Plasma Themes by theZest
Just a quick adaptation of dark Materia theme made for the sake of consistency with respective color and Kvantum Breath / Yaru themes. Using it makes sense when you need a dark Materia Plasma theme with Breath or Yaru accents, but light theme for applications. All credits to the original...
breath dark kde linux materia plasma theme unix
Jul 21 2021


Plasma Color Schemes by theZest
Materia meets Breath: color schemes mix. Good for those who prefer light themes, but contains dark colors scheme too. Please note that these schemes are made for the use with Kvantum widget style. Breeze compatibility is untested. All credits to Manjaro and Materia themes...
breath color colorscheme kde linux materia plasma scheme theme unix
May 14 2021

Materia Equilux Color Scheme for KDE Plasma

Plasma Color Schemes by fahad64
Materia Equilux Color Scheme for KDE Plasma based on Equilux Theme: Update: Cosmetic Surgery and Saturated Variant added Best Usage: Plasma Style: Breeze or Breeze Dark Application Style>Window Decoratoion Materia KDE>>...
color colorscheme equilux kde kdeplasma linux materia plasma theme unix
Apr 17 2020

Iris KDE

Plasma Window Decorations by freefreeno
Iris KDE Aurorae theme is flat colored window decorations based on the Materia Aurorae theme for the Iris KDE flat theme. Click on the screenshots for better view and to remove blurriness. This is two Aurorae themes because the theme has two color schemes so I went ahead and made window...
aurorae flat kde kdeplasma linux materia plasma theme unix
Jul 17 2019