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Plasma 5 Monitoring by unknown-spirit
This plasmoid is an enhanced QML/C++ implementation of my [URL=]BusyTasks[/URL] program. It displays the most active process for each of the four computer components: processor, memory, harddisk and network. Similarly to the Java app, it uses iotop and nethogs as...
system monitor linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget monitoring
Sep 20 2023


Kwin Scripts by hegemonia
A simple Kwin script, which tries to remember the screen a window was in, and to restore it when the screen is reconnected. Useful when you have to disconnect you external monitors frequently.
kwinscript linux monitor screen unix
Apr 12 2023

Selective Virtual Desktops

Kwin Scripts by thohell
This script emulates having Virtual Desktops enabled only on named displays. On all other displays, the windows will be shown on all desktops, effectively emulatating not having any Virtual Desktops for these displays. If all you need is to enable Virtual Desktops ONLY on primary monitor, and...
desktop kwin kwinscript linux monitor unix virtual
Feb 20 2022

Systach face

Sysmon Applet Designs by driglu4it
The face of a system monitor widget using a car dashboard. Used images from this widget for KDE4.
extension face kde linux monitor plasma unix
Sep 13 2021

Temperatures / Voltages / Fan Speeds

System Monitor Tabs (old ksysguard) by mcrohner
an additional Linux driver to get all the data with "LM_Sensors". This System Monitor Tab relies
Nov 21 2019

Icinga2 monitor

Plasma 5 Applets by kinta
Plasmoid to track services monitored by icinga2 instance from your plasma desktop. It is inspired by first icinga monitor done in but is adapted to plasma 5, and icinga2 . It requires to: - Have an Icinga2 server with its api configured- - Build...
extension icinga2 kde linux monitor nagios plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Nov 15 2020

Panel Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring by thattchar
KDE System monitor on panel. (formerly ReText) Displays: * Used System Memory in MB/GB * Used System Memory in Percentage * CPU Usage in Percentage * CPU Clock * Displays Information as graph * Update Interval can be changed \m/ KDE === LOVE
clock extension kde linux monitor monitoring plasma plasma-5 ram resource system-monitor unix
Jan 29 2019