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Linux Mint XFCE Plymouth Splash

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
A Plymouth boot splash screen in which a custom XFCE logo changes from Linux Mint green to XFCE
bootscreen linux splashscreen plymouth unix
Feb 16 2019

Cinnamon Mint Plymouth Splash

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
The Cinnamon Mint Plymouth Splash is a combination of the Linux Mint Logo and its Cinnamon desktop
bootscreen linux mint plymouth splashscreen unix
Feb 14 2019

Mageia Boot Screen

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
How to Install Boot Themes * 1. Copy the new theme under /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ * ( Some distros will tell you /lib/plymouth/themes/ ) 2. Update the theme menu $ sudo update-alternatives --install...
splashscreen screen mageia mandrake linux plymouth unix boot bootscreen
Aug 07 2019

Introducing 'Facey'

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
A large animation of a new XFCE character I call 'Facey' (as in FCE). At 1.1 MB, this Plymouth theme is rather large, but my 10 year old box likes it just fine. # How to install Plymouth splash screen $ sudo apt-get install plymouth-themes $ sudo cp -i -r...
plymouth splashscreen linux bootscreen unix
Feb 18 2019