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Clearlooks Phenix Plume

GTK3/4 Themes by terminalhash
The Clearlooks-Phénix project aims at creating a GTK3 port of Clearlooks, the default theme for Gnome 2. Style is also included for GTK2, Unity and for Metacity, Openbox and Xfwm4 window managers. This repo contains modified version of original port with purple colors (named Plume) from Tango ...
gnome gtk xfce4 linux unix theme
Apr 03 2021

PopOs gtk - mirror

GTK3/4 Themes by nesuko
[b]Pop-Os gtk theme mirror[/b] Making available an excellent theme for GTK from Pop-OS ! [b]Pop-OS 19.10[/b] - Dark and light theme not available slim mode (yet) [url=]Pop OS Gnome shell themes --> HERE [/url]
theme gtk linux unix gnome
Oct 24 2019


Plasma Color Schemes by zb652
A rich and dark colour scheme that is Firefox/GTK friendly. As usual must be installed manually as the GTK and Konsole themes are included. Wallpaper link -
linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme gtk konsole
Jul 04 2019