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Bibata Original Classic

Cursors by Kaiz
Bibata is one of the most popular cursors set in the Linux community so far and is now available
bibata xcursor windows linux unix cursor
2 days ago

GoogleDot Red

Cursors by Kaiz
An OpenSource cursor theme inspired by Google for Linux and Windows. Check [url=
googledot windows linux material unix cursor
Jun 05 2023

Expose Green

Plasma Themes by phob1an
Part of global theme.
kde linux plasma retro theme unix windows winxp
Dec 13 2022

WinXP aurorae theme

Plasma Window Decorations by matias-saibene
WinXP is a theme for Aurorae theme engine for KWin window manager. Features the design of Windows XP. I know there are many such themes but I wanted to make one that was more accurate created by viewing a Windows XP virtual machine. I hope you enjoy. You can get the full experience by...
kde linux plasma theme unix windows windowsxp winxp
Aug 20 2022

Willow Light

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
A Windows 11 style plasma style. I prefer this theme with "Background Contrast" ON. See [url=]Willow Desktop[/url] to automatically install this theme. Configuration info is available at Willow's Github page. [url=]Light Window...
kde light linux plasma theme unix willow windows
Mar 15 2022

Windows Classic [2000/ME/XP] inspired Aurorae Theme

Plasma Window Decorations by pixelocdguy
This is a Windows Classic inspired theme for KWin using the Aurorae Theme Engine. The aim is to be a pixel perfect match for the Windows 2000, ME & XP (Windows Classic Theme) Titlebar & Window style. Please note this currently only recommended for low DPI and the default Windows color...
kwin aurorae windows classic winxp linux unix theme kde plasma
Feb 23 2022


Qt Tools by AlterX
MosaicCrack is a front-end for my library libGenCrack (included in source) that allows to generate universal combinations you want, specifying a dictionary word file, a set of prefix and postifix and multi-thread access to dictionary file. The library use a grid-computing based on local network...
gnome kde linux windows
Aug 21 2017