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GTK3/4 Themes by jasong-designs
OmNu-Champagne is a champagne colored GTK theme collection. It supports the Cinnamon, GNOME, Openbox and XFCE desktop environments. This theme was made as a Numix clone in the Themix theme designer. I even documented the full creation of OmNu-Champagne on YouTube. If you would like to explore...
gtk3-theme xfce-theme openbox-3 cinnamon linux unix theme gnome
Oct 26 2022

Carbon for Xfce

GTK2 Themes by thefrankenstein
entries: "Text Contrast for Dark Themes". Tested and running on MX Linux
gtk2-theme gtk3-theme xfce-theme xfce4 xfwm4 linux unix theme gnome gtk2
Jul 06 2022