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Suomen Leijona

Plasma Color Schemes by plingsaarinen
Suomi celebrating The 105th Independence Day at 6th of December 2022! Oi Suomi katso, sinun päiväs koittaa... Colours of State Flag of Suomi - Finland, known as The Lion Flag. Taustakuva ja ikonit: Wallpaper and icons: Suomen v...
blur lightly suomi finland flag linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Dec 11 2022

Oi maamme Suomi

Plasma Color Schemes by plingsaarinen
Suomi celebrating The 105th Independence Day at 6th of December 2022! Oi maamme Suomi - synnyinmaa - soi sana kultainen... Colours of National Flag of Suomi (Finland) Taustakuva ja ikonit: Wallpaper and icons: Suomen...
blur colorscheme finland flag kde lightly linux plasma suomi theme unix
Dec 11 2022

e25 Dimensions Enlightenment Theme

Enlightenment Themes by simotek
/tech/projects/linux-themes/ Full github download page
dimensions e24 e25 enlightenment linux theme unix vertex
May 16 2022

openSUSE Breeze Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by cubiclenate
One of the greatest aspects of the Plasma Desktop is the Breeze theme. It has really brought plasma to the next level in visual appeal. This openSUSE Breeze color scheme is, at the core, the Breeze theme. The blue highlights have been swapped out for the green hues used largely consistent with...
colors colorscheme kde linux opensuse plasma theme unix
Mar 04 2021

History Bars

Sysmon Applet Designs by kdecommunity
Sensor history is displayed as a series of moving bars. Multiple sensors are stacked on top of each other.
bar chart extension face history kde linux plasma steam unix
Apr 30 2021

Digital Gauge

Sysmon Applet Designs by mart
A face for the new system monitor plasmoid (and for the new Plasma Systemmonitor app) that shows a gauge made of glowing digital segments with a somewhat 80's look and feel.
extension kde linux plasma unix
Nov 17 2020

Ultimate Edition 6.7

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by TheeMahn
I am going to try starting with Ultimate Edition 6.7 (50 entire themes) Bottom to the top already debianized error free packaged. I also write software that built (150 packages total) them. I also build Operating Systems for fun.
kde linux theme unix
Oct 11 2020

Espectro for Xfce

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by joseddon
joseddon's Espectro-Xfce for Xfce Desktop is a modification of the ju1464's Fantasma GTK3 theme. "Gnome" or "Papirus-Dark" icon themes and "Oxygen White" cursor theme are recommended.
espectro gtk2 gtk3 linux mate theme unix xfce
Jul 17 2020