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Kvantum by alexevier
A set of basic Kvantum themes. The default transparency is at 70% (or opacity reduced by 30%). It can be made opaque by setting opacity to 0 in Kvantum. The icons used are: Material-Black-Color-Suru
basic colors kvantum linux theme unix
Jun 20 2022

Breeze Classic Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by popov895
The classic dark Breeze theme, without headers, that was before KDE Plasma 5.21.
breeze colors colorscheme dark kde linux plasma theme unix
Sep 28 2021

Set Colors

Utilities by FluxApex
This is a command line utility that is a wrapper for setting colors in Linux shells/consoles
app bash colors command linux shell software
Nov 19 2020

openSUSE Breeze Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by cubiclenate
One of the greatest aspects of the Plasma Desktop is the Breeze theme. It has really brought plasma to the next level in visual appeal. This openSUSE Breeze color scheme is, at the core, the Breeze theme. The blue highlights have been swapped out for the green hues used largely consistent with...
colors colorscheme kde linux opensuse plasma theme unix
Mar 04 2021

Spectrum Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by doncsugar
This theme colors itself according to your panel (plasma theme colors). This includes a light variant and a dark variant for color schemes that are light or dark, respectively. Features a heavy shadow for focused windows and a light shadow for unfocused windows. Recommended configuration is to...
colors kde linux plasma spectrum theme unix
Feb 05 2021

Minimalistic Unbrella Plasma Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes by charlie-henson
Built from Breeze. Icons used Flatery Silver Thanks for looking
colors colorscheme flat impress kde linux minimal plasma theme unix
Dec 06 2020

Orange Blossom colors

Plasma Color Schemes by tsbarnes
Soft pinks and hints of orange. A clean, colorful theme for KDE Plasma 5.
colors colorscheme kde kdeplasma linux orange pink plasma theme unix
Aug 23 2020