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ANT Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by bug3
ANT is theme for grub2
grub theme gnome bootscreen dark linux unix splashscreen burg
May 11 2022

Matcha Dark Aliz - Kvantum

Kvantum by habibimedwassim
A kvantum to match vinceliuice's Matcha-Dark-Aliz gtk theme
matcha kvantum dark aliz linux unix theme
Apr 14 2022

Mr Robot GRUB theme

GRUB Themes by johdasgran
# Installation - First installation way 1. Open terminal. 2. Clone this repository - git clone 3. Change directory to the Mr Robot Theme - cd mr-robot-theme 4. Review install script at...
boot mr-robot grub2 grub-theme linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Mar 16 2022

CRT-Amber GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by jacksaur
Retro Amber CRT Terminal styled GRUB Theme. Created using SHEVCHUK's Fallout theme as a base ( Credit to SHazardous for the Background image used. ( Installation: Download and extract folder from zip. Copy...
linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Mar 08 2022


Plasma 5 Applets by a2-n
Counts the number of open windows. Convenient for e.g plasma users using a tilling wm but no task manager. --- ## Description Counts the number of open windows. Convenient for e.g plasma users using a tilling wm but no task manager. ## Installation Place the source in...
plasma5 widget counter tilling window linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5
Jan 09 2022

sweet-dark gedit

Gedit Color Schemes by darkeye90
Definition: ############# sweet-dark colorscheme for gedit based on draculatheme. I hope you like it. Support: ======== You can support me by buying me a coffee 0_0 or find something you like here Credit: Sweet-dark...
sweet dark gedit linux freebsd addon
Jan 05 2022

Groove for kde/aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by flurick
Based on Groove originally designed by Heylove and Senex (2005) via Urukrama. If you are installing this window decoration without the kde tools, they seem be installed in: ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/Groove/
simple retro brown pixelart linux unix theme kde plasma
Jan 06 2022

Merry XFMas

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by ratsrats
An XFWM4 theme for the holidays with pre-rendered 3D elements. Comes in regular and slim versions (version shown on preview is regular).
xfwm4 3d xfce christmas xmas linux unix theme
Dec 23 2021

Zerotier KDE Widget

Plasma 5 Applets by duoslow
Displays Zerotier Network Members This Widget Shows Zerotier Network Members This widget does not control anything, it only displays the data received from the zerotier api. check github for more details!
zerotier plasma widget plasma5 kde5 linux unix extension kde plasma-5
Dec 18 2021


GTK3/4 Themes by sirkhancision
A color scheme focusing on a black, white, and red color palette, along with good contrast and legibility. The white colors aren't too bright, either, being closer to a lighter shade of gray. In the image, the above program (Qalculate) is using GTK. The below program (Dolphin) is using QT. KDE...
black dark gtk eonyze red linux unix theme gnome
Nov 10 2021