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Random Color

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by fusionfuture
# Random Color Wallpaper Plugin A wallpaper plugin for KDE Plasma that periodically updates the desktop background color. ## Features - Support Light/Dark/Follow Theme/Vivid color scheme - Automatically select a color scheme based on Night Color active status - Copy HEX color code using the...
color extension kde linux plasma pure simple slideshow unix wallpaper-plugin
Mar 31 2022

Groove for kde/aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by flurick
Based on Groove originally designed by Heylove and Senex (2005) via Urukrama. If you are installing this window decoration without the kde tools, they seem be installed in: ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/Groove/
brown kde linux pixelart plasma retro simple theme unix
Jan 06 2022

Elemento Strawberry

GTK3/4 Themes by darkomarko42
A GTK theme for Cinnamon desktop based on elementary os style(also support mate, budgie, gnome, pantheon and unity) Red version of Elemento GTK theme * EXTRACT ALL FOLDERS REQUIRED * * GTK 3.24 * * GTK 4.0+ *
elementary gnome gtk linux red simple skeuomorph theme unix
Nov 12 2021


Cursors by darkeye90
Definition: ############# Onedark-cursor is a simple cursor theme I made to match my setup. I hope you like it. Size: ####### 24x24. Installation: ============= copy onedark-cursor to ~/.icons directory cp -r onedark-cursor ~/.icons Support: ======== You can support me by buying me a...
cursor linux minimal onedark simple unix
Aug 01 2021


GTK3/4 Themes by facecolor
ugly, so I added a title bar button of my own design! These buttons are real native Linux buttons
abcde adwaita colorful gnome linux simple theme unix
Oct 17 2019


GTK3/4 Themes by facecolor
A simple Adwaita theme with PingGuo button´╝ü The adwaita theme is already great, this theme is an extension of adwaita! The native button I found very ugly, so I added a title bar button of my own design! Maximize and minimize button click effects and design ideas are completely d...
adwaita colorful gnome linux macos pingguo simple theme unix
Oct 19 2019