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Plasma Window Decorations by paulmcauley
A better binary version of this window decoration is also available at: [url][/url]. This has better performance, inherits system titlebar colours properly and has an Application Style as well as a Window Decoration so that icons in dockable panels match the...
cde classic kde kde1 kite linux motif plasma theme unix
Dec 27 2021

Windows NT 4.0 Iconpack

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado en Windows NT 4.0 Con los iconos modernos Espacio Requerido 20 MB *Uso Solamente 48x , 32x 16x *Windows Media Player version 6 *Internet Explorer version 4 *Paint version 4 ============================================================= Windows NT 4.0 based With modern icons Space...
classic icon-theme linux nt unix windows
Jul 22 2020