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QTile Bar Style Layout

Latte Layouts by fkorpsvart
[h3]QTile Bar Style for Latte Layout[/h3] This Layout for Latte is inspired by the Tiling Window Managers (TWM), specifically the QTile configuration that I have modified for my personal use. For those who are curious about using a TWM, thanks to some scripts, KDE can be turned into a TWM...
arch dock extension kde latte lattedock layout linux manjaro unix
Jan 26 2021

Big Sur Aurorae Themes

Plasma Window Decorations by fkorpsvart
[b]Big Sur Aurorae[/b] [b][i]This is a modification based on vinceliuice's theme, WhiteSur-kde.[/i][/b] Basically, what I've done are a few modifications for the Aurorae White Sur window decoration theme, for white and dark versions, it seems a bit more like the original version of macOS...
aurorae big-sur kde linux macos plasma theme unix
Jul 15 2020

One Dark global theme

Global Themes by adhe
details soon
dark kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
May 05 2020

Neon Town SDDM

SDDM Login Themes by adhe
A project to [enlighten] your login manager. Configurations and examples visit:
sddm kde login linux unix
Sep 08 2019

Plasma by KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by 170719
Plasma by KDE Collection Wallpaper
artwork kde linux plasma plasmakde wallpaper xkde
Oct 02 2019

Evolvere Light

Plasma Window Decorations by franksouza183
It's a Aurorae theme designed to perfectly fit with: - Evolvere Icon theme (Flat variants are preferred) [b]([/b] - Evolvere Light Kvantum theme [b][/b] - Evolvere Light Color Scheme [b]([/b] - Fonts: Open Sans 10, Droid...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Mar 14 2015