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Plymouth Themes by oficsu
Simple Plymouth boot splash theme with password support (looks similar to Windows 10 with VeraCrypt).                                                                                                                                                                                                    ...
plymouth debian bgrt boot bootsplash linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Nov 29 2021

Fluffy Bunny

Plasma Themes by kossebau
Happy to present the Second Return of the Plasma theme Fluffy Bunny! One of the first third-party KDE4/Plasma themes, created by Florian Schepper, it quickly became an all-time favourite for many. Deserving a place in KDE's list of Cultural Heritage. Well, at least it was a favourite for...
fluffy unix theme plasma pink kde linux
May 15 2019

Accento Dark

Plasma Color Schemes by caig
Dark color schemes based on the [URL=]Breeze[/URL] palette with a different "Accento". They can be used with the [URL=]Accento[/URL] KWin Aurorae decorations. seo: orange green violet
linux plasma kde unix theme colorscheme breeze dark
Jun 15 2018