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Reflect Linux Wallpaper Collection

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Karl-Schneider
on the surface below. Versions in this collection include: Antergos, Arch, ArchLabs, Arco Linux, Debian
artwork linux tux wallpaper
Mar 14 2019

Manjaro - Enjoy The Simplicity

Wallpapers Manjaro by MrMaire
Another wallpaper for Manjaro Linux.
artwork linux manjaro wallpaper
Jun 21 2019

Simplicity Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by hackan301
This Icon Set is from the beginning composed out of bits and parts of other icon sets which I thought went well hand in hand. A lot has been tweaked, not much is in its original state and I have also made icons from scratch for this theme In order to fill out some gaps. The system...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 18 2014