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Emoticons by novalu
Memeticons 1.0 / 25.11.2011 - KDE emoticon theme - emoticons based on well known internet memes :) :( :D :P :/ :O :'( :X :rage: :troll: :megusta: :notbad: :forever: :yuno: :fuckyeah: :seriously: :bitchpleas: :le-fu: :better-than-expected: :nyan: License: GPL Author: novalu Thanks...
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Nov 25 2011

Animated Emoticons For Kopete

Emoticons by wsjunior
Funny emoticons from
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May 05 2006

CrystalMess for Kopete

Emoticons by seb
I have reduced Nunopinhero's Kopetemess icons to 22x22, and edited the name of the icons to fit in with my emoticons.xml file. I have also hacked at a couple of others. I hope you don't mind! :-) To install Automatic installation using Kopete from CVS or SVN, or KDE 3.5: Go to...
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Feb 12 2004

OpenHeads black

Emoticons by H00K
OpenHeads is a simple emoticon theme for for those who never understood why emoticons should be yellow round blobs, for those who think emoticons should fit nicely with the text they enhance and for anyone with an open mind... The goals of this emoticon set are: * cleanliness * fitting...
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Mar 07 2010