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KWin Scripts by darkstego
KDE Plasma Tiling Manager ideal for Ultrawide and Super Ultrawide monitors. Provides shortcuts to tile window by half/third/quarter horizontally and vertically. All the shortcuts can be found by searching the global shortcuts settings menu for "mudeer". Project details can be found on the the...
kwin ultrawide tiling shortcuts linux unix
May 23 2024

Thermal Monitor

Plasma 6 Monitoring by olib
A KDE Plasmoid for displaying system temperatures. For Plasma 5, please see: Inspired by: [list] [*] [*] and its fork [/list] This applet uses...
monitoring sensor temperature thermal linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 17 2024

DDC/CI Brightness Control

Plasma 5 Applets by davidhi
A KDE Plasma Widget for external monitor brightness adjustment via DDC/CI. For full installation instructions, see
monitor brightness ddc ddcci linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
Dec 17 2023

Haiku OS Beta 4

Full Icon Themes by vaskas
A refresh from the latest release of the Haiku OS. Includes a few of icons from the Haiku Depot applications. Based on the great work done by Untouchable89 (, phillbush ( and the awesome Haiku development team. Please...
retro futuretro haiku linux unix icon-theme
Sep 20 2023

Windows 3.1 Aurorae Theme

Plasma Window Decorations by flarn2006
A theme based on Windows 3.1. The control box is the close button.
kde linux plasma retro theme unix windows windows3.1
Sep 26 2021