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OxyLighter 5 Plasma theme

Plasma Themes by koko2k
New version of OxyLight (lighter version) adapted to work with plasma5 too. New version of OxyLight adapted to work with plasma5 too.
kde linux plasma theme unix
Jul 26 2021


Application Styles by DexterMagnific
[b]QSvgStyle[/b] is a themeable SVG style for Qt 5 applications. This package includes: * QSvgStyle style: the application style engine * QSvgThemeBuilder: an application for building theme configuration files * QSvgThemeManager: an application for choosing the current theme and tweaking...
kde linux plasma qstyle style svg theme unix widget-style
Jul 23 2018

KDE CHM Thumbnailer

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by caig
A KDE thumbnail generator for the CHM file format. It depends on CHMlib [url][/url]. Since 0.2.1 release it works with KDE Frameworks 5, for KDE 4 just keep using 0.2 stable release. Tested with a limited set of CHM files. It should work with standard compliant...
chm ebook extension kde linux plasma plasma-5 unix
Jan 12 2018


QtCurve by garthecho
I wanted to make something that was on the 'flat' side, but still included smooth, shadowy gradients. This is the result. Includes an Aurorae theme, QtCurve, and color scheme. Icons: Wallpaper:...
linux qtcurve theme unix
Jan 23 2014