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Fun_With_Linux_2 plymouth

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
Fun With Linux V 2.0 plymouth theme come with New look, more animated and Funny ^_^ Note
bootscreen plymouth linux unix splashscreen
Aug 09 2011

Spinning Dandelions Linux Mint 18(Ubuntu 16.04) Bootsplash

Plymouth Themes by drakic2
YouTube demonstration: - Open terminal and then type: $ wget $ tar -xvzf 1469177233-dandelion.tar.gz $ sudo cp -r dandelion /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo...
bootscreen plymouth linux unix splashscreen
Jul 22 2016

AssPining Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
Just a plymouth theme inspired on spinfinity theme. But... with one butt. -How to install? The usual. Just put the uncompressed folder on /ust/share/plymouth/themes and updade init. -But, why you did dath? To see a spinned ass on my computer boot every day. -Why? Just Why? I...
plymouth erotic bootscreen bootsplash blender linux unix splashscreen
Sep 22 2020

Caledonia Tux

Plymouth Themes by rhblind
Based on the work of Alfred Kretschmer (Breathing Tux plymouth) and Malcer Quaid (Caledonia Themes), as well as Ivan Cizik's PAW-OSX Plymouth theme. All credit to the authors of the original works. Remember to modify paths in caledonia_tux.plymouth script to whatever correct path is for...
bootscreen plymouth linux unix splashscreen
Jul 15 2011

Space-Sunrise Plymouth Splash

Plymouth Themes by inameiname
This is a wonderful Plymouth splash theme created by Andre "Osku" Schmidt, called Space Sunrise. Here is a video of this splash theme: I take no credit for this. It was all Andre "Osku" Schmidt. I merely found it extremely hard...
bootscreen plymouth linux unix splashscreen
Jun 17 2011