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Future-dark cursors

Cursors by yeyushengfan258
Future-dark cursors for linux desktops ------------------------------ [b]KDE theme
linux unix cursor
Mar 27 2021

Mac os cursor

Cursors by novamax
A refined macOS cursor set. Just extract the zip file and place it in your .icons folder in your home directory. ...I am poor it student i have many problems in my life please click support button to donate me or add donation in to my paypal:-"[email protected]" Thank you...
cursor unix linux
Jan 09 2021


Cursors by charakterziffer
A X11 cursor theme inspired by the classical DMZ theme. The main differences are: no subtle grey in the cursors, different spinners for waiting and progress, and more cursor forms like zoom-in, all-scroll or vertical text. There’s a white and a black variant. The default spinner is a w...
unix white linux simple cursor black
Feb 28 2020